Real Passion

Definition. "an extreme interest for doing something, such as an activity or vocation..."

Words have a habit of being adopted by people who either don't understand them or who simply follow others who do. Passion is such a word that, in my view, is too freely used by many in business.

To say that I am passionate about Real Estate is actually misplaced, I am passionate about helping people achieve their dreams and objectives in all things that relate to property. I care deeply with total conviction that my role in Real Estate is to make certain you make all the right moves.

However, I am passionate about the way our Real Estate industry strives for the highest standards and passionate about how we can make a contribution to a better society. So too I am passionate about the company I choose to work with and the people I trust. For me, passion is the combination of total dedication, intense interest, relentless enthusiasm and dynamic motivation to be part of your success.  

Real Performance

Definition. "how well a person achieves thier work or activity..."

When you are selling, buying or investing in Real Estate you are making a serious decision, a decision that likely involves your most valuable single financial asset.

What kind of person do you want to be looking after your best interests? You want a person who performs at the highest level at all times.

When selling your property Real Performance is about the result achieved and how it was accomplished. Of course you want to be certain that the price obtained was the highest possible, but you will also be concerned that your Agent kept you informed and looked after your best interests in such a way that the process was, for you, stress free and painless.

Real Performance is easily proven, read the words that my clients have written and you will know what I mean.

Real Integrity

Definition. "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change..."

You know there are some people in life who don't think twice about cutting corners and doing or saying anything in order to meet their own selfish ends. More often than not such actions result in chaos and loss.

I believe that integrity, like truth, is not open to negotiation. When I represent your best interests in the sale of your property I will do so to one high professional standard, I will not mislead you or make promises I know can not be kept.

For example, the highest potential selling price for your property I propose to you will be one that I sincerely believe can be attained, I will not deceive you by inflating the price only to disappoint later. Unswerving integrity dedicated to you and all I serve.

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A good Agent understands your needs and wants. A great Agent achieves them! When the time comes to select the right person to sell your property you want a real professional who is truly dedicated to looking after your best interests at all times. There are lots of people working in the real estate industry, so why should you consider me as your best choice? Please click below to read more...

What My Clients Say.

Like many words "Service" is often over used or misplaced,  the fact is that the service provided by a Real Estate Professional can be outstanding or downright poor. The service you deserve must be the very best, the best result and the best communication through your property selling or buying process.  On this web site I have included just a few of the many letters and emails I receive from my clients, please read and reach your own conclusion.  At all times I promise you the highest level of professional performance and service.  

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Marketing Your Property

Making certain your property is promoted in all the right places demands the dedicated and dynamic expertise of a whole team of professionals.  From IT Experts through to Professional Photographers and Copy Writing Wordsmiths nothing is left to chance. Marketing that works to ensure your property sells fast and high.


100% Dedicated Team

Our network of Property Sales and Support Professionals is acclaimed for the highest levels of service and performance.  We believe there is no one better, choose us to sell your property and you will too.


100% Satisfaction

Our team comprises highly qualified Real Estate professionals who are totally dedicated to looking after your best interests at all times.  We promise your 100% satisfaction and we keep our promises.  


Day Response

Tired of second rate service and being treated like a number?   Our advanced systems work 7 days a week and guarantee to keep you informed at all times. Our system is your solution!


Days Marketing

When you appoint us to sell your property or help you buy a new home you will experience a level of marketing that never ends.  We are online and available to help you every day of the year.

Selling Your Home

Sell FAST.  Sell HIGH.

Choosing an Agent to sell your property is a big decision, you want someone who is totally dedicated to looking after your best interests all the way.  Please give me a call and let's arrange a good time for a friendly chat about your dreams and objectives. Keep in mind that the best Agents produce the best results!

Buying  Hints

Finding The RIGHT HOME

Whether you are buying an investment property or a new home, there are some common challenges you need to be aware of to ensure your purchasing experience is stress and risk free.
I will be glad to help and can even provide you Buyers Agent services to save you time and money.

Investing Info

Hints And Tips For INVESTING

Investing in property has many benefits, including capital growth. Property has been a popular route to wealth for many Australians for many years. Buying their own home is often the first investment many people make, purchasing another property may well be the second even before shares and other assets.


Profile Of Success

Every member of our dedicated network of Real Estate Sales Associates is appointed on the principle they are not restricted by mundane office routines.  Each is a Sales Professional first and foremost. The result is total dedication to high integrity service and performance. Our role in business is to ensure you achieve the results you demand and deserve.

Selling Your Property >

From choosing the right Agent through to comprehensive hints and tips.

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Insight into the process involved in the Professional Marketing of your property

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Fabulous EBOOK 120 Ways To Sell Your Property For More. This is a must have for every property owner and it's FREE.

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If you are seriously think of selling your house then a COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS Free Market Appraisal really is the way to go. However, you may want to do a little informal research first, so an ONLINE PROPERTY PRICE makes sense. No obligation, no pressure, just a pleasure to serve you.

Buying Property. Hints & Tips >

Easy and quick to read hints and tips for property buyers that make sense.

Investing In Property. Guide >

A concise mini-guide on property investing that's information rich but easy to read. Please seek qualified legal and professional advice at all times!

Free Ebook

120 Ways To Sell Your Property For More

This fabulous Ebook is a must read if you are considering selling your property and it's a free gift to you from me. For every property owner, the Free Ebook is designed to help you make sure your house sells for the best possible price. Easy to read and superbly illustrated the Ebook gives practical guidance and priceless pointers.


Free. You Must Get This!

Free Ebook. Sell Your House For More

Starting from understanding the selling process, right through to how you can best handle confidential business matters, my Ebook is packed with easy to read and valuable information. It really is a must!





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A good Agent understands your needs and wants. A great Agent achieves them! When the time comes to select the right person to sell your property you want a real professional who is truly dedicated to looking after your best interests at all times.   Phone me today and get ready to move.

Know Your Property Value

CMA Free Market Appraisal

So much better than a normal Marekt Appraisal

A Comparative Market Analysis is so much more than a normal Free Market Appraisal, the data research is far more intense and far more accurate. Click on the button below to request your Free CMA to receive the best service there is.




Free Online Property Price

Know the potential selling price of your house

 Your property will be researched using the latest online property data and the estimated best potential selling price will sent to you from our email servers. There is no cost, no obligation and no hassle. 




Wherever You Want To Be, We Are Here For You

I am a proud of a truly dedicated network of Real Estate professionals. The whole ethos of our group is to provide you with the single most dedicated level of professional guidance, care, communication and service in the world of Real Estate.. While many others strive to cut corners, we continue to build systems to ensure your dreams and objectives are realised.  Appoint me to look after your best interests and you will get the very best possible result. All things considered, when it comes to selling, buying or investing in property, second best is just not good enough.

Your Trust And Confidence

When you choose me to sell your property you have rightly placed  your trust and confidence in a true Real Estate Professional.  Just words?  

No, action speaks louder than words and I believe myself to be an action packed Agent who will market, promote and sell your house for the highest price possible at all times.   Real performance and real integrity.

Rest assured, you will be right to place your trust and confidence in me, I will be totally dedicated to looking after your best interests at all times.   That's a promise you can count on.



Real Passion.
Real Performance.
Real Integrity.
Real Estate.


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Real Passion. Real Performance.
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